Net Lease Asset Management

Commercial real estate property similar to those managed by Westic Company.
Net Lease Management

We took decades of combined experience in the net lease sector and designed new management solutions that drive value and peace of mind for our clients.

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Net Lease Investments, Precisely

Our customized approach to net lease management provides a comprehensive management solution specifically designed for net lease investment properties. This approach combines both property and asset management level services. This provides a very high level of integrated management at the property, lease, loan, and capital investment levels.

Our novel approach is intended to maintain and promote property value, while generating lasting long term relationships with our tenants and local partners.

To accomplish this, we've calibrated our approach to managing net lease investments through the identification of a core set of fundamental functions necessary for their effective management.

We emphasize the following core functions as critical components of our Net Lease Asset Management services:

Financial Management

For most net lease real estate investments there are three critical financial processes that must be executed with precision to ensure stable and reliable cash flow. This includes collection of income, payment of expenses, and subsequent distribution of generated cash flow. Any variance in this process can create a series of fundamental issues, especially when debt is involved. We’ve designed specific protocols to ensure these processes are successfully executed each month.

Lease Administration

Our approach is guided by the landlord-tenant relationship. We manage this relationship with care and with a partnership-based mentality focused on support, collaboration, and the addition of value. This ensures both tenants and landlords alike are held accountable to the terms of the lease, with an emphasis on property preservation and long term value promotion.

Debt Services

Financing commercial net lease investments is a great way to maximize yields yet requires an increased level of attention. Beyond making monthly loan payments, there can be serious consequences if ongoing servicing requirements are not met. This is especially true with CMBS financing, with which we are highly experienced. Additionally, we utilize the same technologies that CMBS loan servicers do to track and confirm Borrower compliance at all times.

Risk Management

Property and liability insurance policies are kept up to date, monitored for compliance with lease requirements, and delivered efficiently to all additional insured parties. Our managed portfolio clients are benefited by access to a robust blanket policy offering higher coverages, lower costs, and added peace of mind in the event of a casualty.

Property Preservation

Effective and timely repair, maintenance, and (at times) capital improvements are an absolute necessity for net lease investment properties. We consistently monitor each property's condition and hold tenants accountable to their lease requirements pertaining to required maintenance and improvements. We also work closely with our tenants to manage curb appeal to deliver pride of ownership along with occupancy.

Investment Strategy

We provide comprehensive investment analysis, strategy development, and forward planning to assist clients in meeting, exceeding, or adjusting their goals for each investment. A strategic asset plan is developed and maintained to assist with the identification of favorable repositioning strategies to maximize gains and preserve capital investments.

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